Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Bowfell Buttress

The forecast rise in temperature this afternoon was a bit later than it was supposed to be. Seeing that the snow on Bowfell Buttress had survived the morning sun and guessing that it would be freezing down again once the sun was off it, I headed up for a look this afternoon. The turf was well frozen and it was covered in consolidated snow. The top of the crag was lighly hoared as was the top wall of North Buttress. It has warmed up a bit now but hopefully some of the turf will stay frozen until it cools down again on Thursday. Photos show Martin Bagness on Bowfell Buttress. We climbed straight up the wall above the grooves on the Second pitch to link up with the top groove. This gave a much more natural winter line than the summer route at about the same grade.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Steve looks good and wintry down in the Lakes. Am heading down for the dentist on monday and was hoping to climb with Dad on tuesday looks like the nick should get better aswell i wanted to email you about a route that might not have been done would you be able to email your email to me would be great to find out some info i am at dan@mountainplan.com

All the best Danny