Friday, 28 November 2008

Weekend Conditions

It looks like it would be well worth a walk out this weekend. It has snowed down t0 approx 200m overnight and this morning. It has been freezing on the top from yesterday evening onwards and it is currently 2.5 degrees at 100m in Langdale. I think there is a chance that in the odd very high N facing spot some of the turf that was frozen on Tuesday might have just stayed solid. It was quite warm and wet on Wednesday.

The fells are clagged in at the moment so things could be hoaring up, this does mean it is difficult to see exactly what conditions are like at the moment. Having been there on Monday I would recommend Gable Crag it is the highest crag and there are routes that need only the slightest hint of conditions to be climable. Places with the least snow fall will probably stand the best chance of having good turf.

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