Monday, 24 November 2008

Gable Crag

Headed up to have a quick look at Gable Crag this afternoon, a couple of cold days a strong northerly and a bit of snow here and there made it worth a walk out. Pinnacle ridge at Gable is a very reliable route and probably comes into condition more readily than anything else in the Lakes. The turf was well frozen, there was snow on the ledges and from half way up the rock was lightly hoared. Engineers slab was lighlty hoared and another cold night could make it just about climbable tomorrow morning, it depends on whether the wind prevents a greater build up.

The buttress above central gully on Great End would be worth a walk up to it all looked very white, Grande Finale will almost certainly be climbable.
Temperatures are forecast to rise tomorrow afternoon so you would have to be quick to get a route. It is cooling down again later in the week. Any whiteness will probably strip out but in sheltered high spots I think the turf might just stay frozen, things could be looking good for next weekend.

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