Sunday, 25 March 2007

I think it would be fair to say that over the weekend there has been a very definite springiness in the air.

There was some ice to be climbed last week, a very cold night on Tuesday meant that in a few cold spots enough water ice had formed to be climbable, I found some ice at Boat Howe, and I had reports that SE Gully and Window Gully on Great End were climbed Window Gully giving the best outing.

The Mountain Crags seem pretty dry at the moment, on Friday I had an evening mission to Esk Buttress, climbed Bridges Route topped out Scafell and made it back to Esk Hause before needing the headtorch. Gimmer yesterday evening and Bowfell Buttress today. Ice climbing and soloing in shorts and a T-shirt all in a few days isn't the Lakes Brilliant.

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Matthew said...

Hi Steve,
Just read through all of your blog entries... great to read about your exploits.
Hope you can handle the warmth of summer ;-)
Best wishes,
Matthew Merrill