Thursday, 14 January 2010

Scafell. Rematch

After failing on our line on Tuesday, Paddy Cave and myself were back at Scafell for a rematch today. We went armed with Brian Davison, plus a selection of homemade climbing equipment.

After a tricky drive round to Wasdale that took a bit longer than planned and a snow bash of a walk in we were back under the crag. It was quite a bit warmer today and although there was new snow it was wetter heavier snow. Lots of o ice on the Shamrock, cascade etc but it was dripping this morning. Feeling a bit tired and not my usual self I opted to leave Paddy and Brian to their route and joined Rick Armitage and John Kelly ( who had travelled round with us) on Moss Ghyll.

Moss Ghyll was hard going. It was never technically very difficult it was just buried under snow. There was no ice on the collie step which was quite balancy.

A thaw is forecast, which will give me a much needed rest. At the moment Sunday is looking like a possibility for high up ice, mixed routes will strip out very quickly with the weather that has been forecast.

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