Saturday, 9 January 2010

Aira Force. Good things come to those who wait..

After a speculative look at Aira Force on Christmas day, I decided that it had been cold enough for long enough since then to be worth another look, my Dad popped down there this morning ( it's in his back garden) and confirmed that it would be climbable.

It didn't disappoint and the after work darkness only added to the atmosphere as we headed in to the gorge to the sound of thundering water. A nice traverse above the plunge pool on featured ice led to more featured ice, the final moves on the main pillar with water thundering underneath you were great. I placed a number of bomber screws both to protect the seconds on the traverse and in anticipation of thin ice with a waterfall gushing underneath me, fortunately this was never the case it all felt very relaxed. A great little route. The walk in took an epic 5 minutes.

The top car park is closed at the moment because of ongoing tree work, walk in from the main Aira force car park.

With Aira force being climbable it doesn't take a genius to work out that a lot of low level ice will be good. Rick climbed sandbed ghyll today, Low water beck is complete, etc,etc enjoy les cascades de lake district.
Photos and film show John Kelly and my Dad enjoying Aira Force

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