Saturday, 19 December 2009

Winter comes back to the Lakes: New routes at crag X

After being up at 2 in the morning yesterday varnishing floors I decided to knock a planned winter Bob Graham round on the head until early in the new year and headed out climbing instead.

I have been out at a new crag today with Brian Davison and my Dad. It was a high NW facing crag we did 3 new routes; a grade 2, a III 4 and a VI 6, there's plenty more to go at so the exact location shall remain a mystery.
The ground was frozen at all levels with quite a lot of icing on the paths. People climbed the upper Angle Tarn icefall, (it was quite brittle) and a team had been to Bowfell Buttress. It has been snowing this afternoon there is just over 1 inch in Ambleside. Getting about may be a problem tomorrow, pretty much anywhere will be worth a look. I would recommend the usual spots for reliable conditions, Bowfell, Great End, Hellvelyn and Gable, there isn't a big build up in the gullies but buttresses and ice weeps should be fine.

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Rick Armitage said...

looks good Steve. Missed out on some new routing with you guys!

lets hope the weather stays around.