Monday, 28 December 2009

More Snow

Snow at low levels thawed a bit over the last 2 days and froze hard last night, low down there is a crust or very icy paths where people have walked making getting about a bit tricky.

Routes are quite buried, popular venues with tracks into them being my recommendation. Skiing has been quite a good option. Up to 30cm of new snow is forecast between now and the weekend. There will be a reasonable avalanche risk in places like the Helvellyn Head Wall and the bowl at the to of central gully Great End. The Gullies are not consolidated and would require good snow swimming technique.
Picture shows Sharp Edge today


Tom Ripley said...
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Tom Ripley said...

Hi Steve,

good to see you the other day.
Do you think Scrubby Crag and Gable Crag will be in at present?

I'm keen to do Grendel and Engineer's Slabs.

Also do you think Hangover or Dovedale Groove are viable winter options?


Tom Ripley