Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Wild weather

Had a quick trip to Pavey on Tuesday afternoon, The crag was very white intended to look at something that wouldn't have too much turf on it as it was a bit soggy under the snow. Climbed Cooks Tour which gave a very good first pitch before easier ground led to the top. There is a lot of snow on the tops and strong winds have been adding to the general experience.

I was at Gable Crag yesterday with fellow Langdale resident Mark Edwards. After sampling some exiting ground after a somewhat leisurely start we finished off up the bottle shaped pinnacle. Again lots of snow and a strong wind. For snowed up rock on the steep ground conditions were good. easier angled ground is hard going with loads of snow. Windy gap is sporting an alpine style snow crest.

The forecast is for a catastrophic thaw tonight at all levels with heavy rain coming in on a warm front. It will then cool down again during the day tomorrow. We will have to wait and see what happens.


charlie outdoor said...

Do you think that engineers slabs on Gable will come into condition in the next couple of day's?

Steve Ashworth said...

Charlie: It was in condition on Wednesday, would have stripped in the rain on Wed night. Not sure if it has been windy enough since to stick the snow on. There would definately be something to climb at Gable Crag, so it wouldn't be a wasted trip if the slabs were not white.

charlie outdoor said...

Cheers Steve, Going for a look this afternoon, so we'll see how it looks then