Saturday, 3 January 2009

Water Ice.

It has been very cold over last week or so, Thursday was the really cold day with an overnight temperature of -8.5 in Langdale and day time temperature didn't make it into positive. It was a bit warmer yesterday and only just froze last night.

There is a lot of water ice around. Last night I climbed Whorneyside Ghyll. The rope was really there so that I could be pulled out of the plunge pool at the bottom in the event that the thin brittle ice up the side of the waterfall decided to part company with the rock. Survived the mission without taking any icy dips. Whilst it was climbable there is probably better quality ice to go at than major drainage lines. I would head for a frozen seepage line like Window Gully on Great End, the ice to the left of Raven Crag in Combe Ghyll Borrowdale, Angle Tarn Icefalls etc. The Crinkle Ghyll ice falls could be worth a look not sure how good the ice will be as they are very hard to predict.

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