Friday, 5 December 2008

Weekend conditions

Just back form an afternoon trip to Pavey. The freezing level is coming down and it was snowing from about 600m up on a cold strong NE wind.

The Snow that fell yesterday is still wet at all levels, if it freezes down as forecast tonight and during the day tomorrow it will certainly be worth heading out into the fells.

The cold wind with snow could bring harder mixed routes at places like Gable and Pillar where the turf was frozen before it snowed back into condition.

There is quite a bit of water ice forming around and about. The Cascade on Scafell Shamrock looked good on Wednesday and should have survived the slightly warmer day yesterday. Window gully at Great End would also be worth a look.

Helvellyn has a lot of snow but the turf isn't great and there isn't as yet a large build up of ice on routes such as V corner.

Bowfell Buttress looks very white and would be unquestionably a winter experience tomorrow, my only doubt would be wether the turf is frozen under the snow. You just have to go and have a look.

The roads have been ok today, untreated roads are to be avoided.

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