Friday, 4 January 2008

New Routes at Pavey Ark

After a Walk yesterday I had to wait and see if the snow that was forecast actually arrived overnight.

Yesterday the turf was frozen on all aspects down to about 400m and some water ice was forming albeit unclimable as yet. There was a strong cold Easterly blowing

Armed with this information Brian Davison and I decided to go to Pavey Ark today. Approx 4cm of snow had fallen at valley level overnight.

Being E to SE facing Pavey rarely comes into acceptable condition. Today it was pretty good with well frozen turf, hoar frost and plenty of snow. We made first winter ascents of Little Corner (HVS 5a, see pictures) and Bennisons Chimney( Chimney above East Gully)

As we were coming down, at about 3pm the Freezing Level was rising. It was at about 650m and some of the hoar had stripped from the bottom of the crag. It was raining from about 400m down. It is currently raining quite heavily in the valley. With freezing levels forecast to be at 800m tomorrow with a strong Westerly I think if any where will hold onto condition it will be Gable Crag. The Buttress overlooking Central Gully on Great End might also be Ok ( this can be Accessed by descending the right hand finish).

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