Monday, 22 January 2007

Winter has finally arrived in the Lakes, there has been quite a bit of snow high up. N through to North West facing slopes have been wind scoured and are well frozen above 700m, With some hoar and icing on the rocks.

On Helvellyn NE facing slopes are holding a lot of snow and exposed turf is frozen above 700m Striding and Swirall both requiring axe and crampons, snow gullys complete. Snow quite sticky but not too bad, a bit of sunshine and a hard freeze may bring easier gullies into very good condition.

There looks to be more snow in the East which could make mixed buttress climbing better in the West. Cloud cover was down to 500m for long periods yesterday, People will be climbing in the Lakes this week and my top tip at the moment would be Gable Crag. If the Harder Buttresses aren't hoared up then the easier buttress lines around the Bottle shaped pinnacle will be Ok. Failing this Head to Helvellyn and if the Turf isn't good enough on Viking Buttress do the ridges. Ice may start forming over the next couple of days at Great End.

The Photo shown Bowfell Buttress this morning. It maybe OK but the wind hasn't been blowing straight onto it so turf may not be frozen, some of the easier North Buttress/Cambridge Crags routes could be OK.

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