Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Just back from a lunchtime run to Great End. It was just too nice a day to be stuck in the valley. Ice forming at Angle Tarn icefalls probably a bit thin to climb at the moment.

Climbed the buttress to the Left of Central Gully. The Turf was Ok, but again where it is well burried it is not well frozen. The Gully lines are not holding any snow and there is a small amount of water ice forming. I crossed into central gully below the junction and there just enough ice to climb the Left Branch, it was thin and possibly IV rather than III today. I would say that it wouldn't sustain much traffic in its current condition and that the buttresses were in better condition. The upper buttress with Grande Finale on it was in condition all hoared up and for anyone after a taster of slightly harder Lakes mixed climbing this gives a really nice pitch. I was in a bit of hurry so didn't get a proper look at Window Gully but I suspect it has enough ice to be climbable.

Pictures of yesterday and today will follow this evening, my camera cable has currently been kidnapped.

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