Thursday, 25 January 2007

Been at Hutaple with Woody today. Decided to head somewhere a bit different for a change.

We knew it was cold enough but weren't sure what conditions we would find, did the first winter ascent of Ampitheatre. It gave a brilliant icy mixed climb and if it wasn't for a 20m section of very hard mixed climbing up a crack which is avoided by slabs on the right in summer it would be an outstanding icy mixed grade VI 6.

I have never climbed anything like this in the Lakes before, the day had a very Torridonion feel to it. Overall I think the climb probably warrants VIII 8 and it is one of the best I have done. Belays a bit dodgy Icicles and warthogs being the order of the day.

Conditions looked pretty good at Scrubby with Pendulum ridge looking in very good condition. Link Cove Beck doesn't look climable at the moment.

The struggle was passable with care this morning.

Bowfell Buttress looked very white this morning and it would have been a brilliant day out today

I am awaiting news of parties who have been out to Scafell.

Tomorrow it supposed to warm up a bit and it looks like it could be strippingly warm by Sunday.
I think if you go high, Helvellyn ( my sources tell me Viking buttress and V corner in good condition), Gable (around bottle shaped pinnacle) or somewhere like North Buttress Langdale could all be fine tomorrow and we'll have to see what happens beyond that.

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Ed Richardson said...

Conditions looked very good yesterday, with nigh on blue skies, cold air and great visibility.

After the snow fall we had recieved the night and day before, certainly the best of the season.

Had hoped to get out on Scafell, but due to work commitments, failed.

Today I know some folk who have headed out around the red pike/ yew barrow area, but not to climb. It all looked very wet today and I am pretty sure that this mild patch we have coming now will sadly strip the hills of any of the white stuff for the time being.

Good hunting.